Sunday, September 4, 2011

Tourist 4 Life

I went to London for the last time during this trip with my three Canadian friends. We stayed at a hostel called The Monkeys in the Trees that was very cottage-y and warm.. I recommend! On the first night, Juliet and I went on a search for a good tavern meal and ended up at a beautiful new mall in Westfield. We then crossed theThames to the SWAP/BUNAC Pub Meet. I enjoyed a few glasses of the traditional Pimm's. When the scene got dull, we headed over to a club called Los Locos (next to Shrek!) and danced. On the way home we got desperately lost and when you have three drunk Canadian kids in a city like London, it might as well be an impossible labyrinth. Luckily, we ended up only being about a block from the hostel..

As for site seeing, we checked out the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square (where you are NOT allowed to take pictures), Buckingham palace and Postman's Park(from my favorite movie Closer!), a park dedicated to people who died saving the lives of others. Seeing this last one, made my trip worthwhile.. There's something about the idea of Alice Ayers that gets to me, and I was born on her day of death!
PS: more photos added to 'Photos of England' Page :)

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