Saturday, September 3, 2011

NB Bound

I'm heading home to Canada on Monday.. not to Montreal as I originally planned (the half-way house for the broken-hearted) but straight to Bathurst to pack my bags. I will then travel south to Fredericton to move into an apartment with Carmine and begin classes at Saint Thomas University starting on Thursday! What a Plan!

The acceptance letter came yesterday.. my amazing Mother decided to give me one more option for the year by sending an application without telling me. At first I thought it was funny and laughed it off as not really an option but after I thought about it (and heard about the scholarship) I decided that I'll go and get the english credits I need for OCAD to get my curatorial degree and eventually my dream job!

It's no surprise to me that once again, my plans have changed. My decision in coming to live in England, although  quite prolonged, was never a well thought out plan. I can't say that this is either, since the option only came to me less than 24 hours ago.. but I'm going with my gut. It may be stupid but it feels right. I'm following my heart and I'm accepting that sometimes fate, of God, has different plans and you just have to see what happens.

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