Friday, August 12, 2011

The Spiritual Journey of Bath and Stonehenge

Yesterday I took a day trip into the English countryside. I left my house in the wee hours of the morning to catch a bus from London at 8:00 am and head out for a two hour drive to the marvelous tourist attraction that is Stonehenge! For years I, like many others have pondered the mystery of these impossible rocks that jut up against the flat rolling hills of the country. After walking around them and getting a full 360 degree view of this wonder of the world I came to one conclusion.. They aren't beautiful, or colored, carved or creative. They don't have any definite historical value and frankly, theyre just rocks. But there is something about the ambiatic presence that gets to you, makes you think and question and believe. It was almost a spiritual experience that I'm very glad I did.

After I got back on a bus and drove another 2 hours to the city of Bath. Home to the ancient Roman Bath houses that were once an important part of society. A place to socialize, do business and of course, bathe. A beautifully modern museum built to float atop the ruins. I found it to be very interesting and defiantly something to see and experience. The water is, however, in desperate need of some chlorine and algicide.. being still for 500 years really does a number.

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