Monday, August 8, 2011

Sous le Ciel de Paris

Last night I came home from what I can honestly call the best weekend of my life. I spent 3 days in Paris. I didn't want to leave.. everything was so amazing and beautiful.. the buildings, the people, the music. I loved it all. 

On the first day I got to glimpse the Eiffel Tower and take a river boat cruise along the Seine. After that I took a bus tour around the city and saw all the major areas. That night I took a walk to find the graveyard of Jim Morrison but unfortunatly the gates were locked:( On my way back to the hotel, my new friend Amanda from LA and I stopped for dinner at a cafe called L'Artiste.

Saturday I woke up early (and after a good breakfast of cakes and chesses) went go visit the city of Montmarte. There I ate even more pastry before getting a bit lost on my way to the Moulin Rouge. After that I took a journey to the Palace of Versaille to not only see lots of history.. but the site of one of my fave flicks, Marie Antoinette! (If youve read my other blog you know how much i loovee kirsten dunsts and sofia coppola). That night I returned to the Eiffel Tower with some friends for more pictures and a climb to the top. The view of Paris and the lights were amazing!

On Sunday I went the louvre museum for a full day. I saw almost the whole thing and even avoided the 3 hour  waiting line to get in.. hehe :) It was an amazing weekend and I can't wait to go back.. hopefully next time with means to do some real Parisienne Shopping ;)

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