Monday, August 1, 2011

Lori's Swapper Tips

1. I recently picked up a Kodak disposable camera. I've taken a few candid shots.. its kind of a relief from the perfection that digital photography has come to. I recommend to anyone who is traveling to pick one up.. they are a lot of fun: You are way more picky about what you snap and you get to look forward to remembering all your great moments when you get home and develop them!

2. The Wooden Belly is an all day breakfast cafe half a block from my house here in Brighton. I have become a regular since I arrived.. it's great to go somewhere where they know your face and even know that I'll be ordering (orange juice, two fried eggs and white toast!). When you move to your new home, find a restaurant you like and frequent it until you feel at home:)

3. England is a very wet place. I brought a rain coat with me which has already paid for itself but I recently got myself some Hunter Wellies. Yes, they are fashionable, expensive, Kate Moss has a pair and I've wanted them since I first saw them in Nylon Mag... but they are also extremely practical in this climate! So wherever you end up.. dress for the weather!

4. Most countries have their own version of Vogue Magazine.. wherever you are, invest in one! Although they are a great way to check out the country's styles, it will also have lots of stuff you need to know about your new culture, like slang, events and what to do, where to go and what to see!!

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