Wednesday, August 3, 2011

faith from upstairs

After being here in the UK for almost a month.. this morning my homesickness got the better of me and I let myself go into breakdown mode. Leaving for Swap with emotional ties to home was probably the biggest mistake of my trip. But letting go is even harder. Letting go of the hope is even worse.

But after I pulled myself together (sort of) I knew what I had to do. I went into about 5 or 6 tattoo/piercing places trying to find someone who would squeeze me in (also I forgot my ID at home and apparently I don't look 18). Finally I gave up. I sat down on a street corner in the busy north laines of Brighton and almost started to cry. In a request to God that I keep my composure, I looked up to the sky. Blocking my view was a building. In the upstairs window was a small sign that said ' Tattoos upstairs'.

So I now am one tattoo heavier.. a small cross on my right inner ankle. It is to remind me to always keep faith in life and myself.. even when all hope is gone.


  1. so pretty and such a lucky story!

  2. I love reading everything you are posting Lori. You are such a smart girl and I am so happy you are enjoying your time there. Love the tatto, so cool that you got a tattoo in England. Loved reading about your laundry also. Have fun and keep writing.
    Danielle from Montreal but now Cornwall