Friday, August 19, 2011

600 Kissing Giants

Yesterday was a quite successful day as far as British days go. I spent the morning and afternoon wandering around the North Laines. My main mission was to find the graffiti style work of the mysterious Banksy whom I spoke about last December in my pop culture blog. This particular one is called Kissing Coppers and lives underneath the Brighton Train Station and is encased in glass against "vandalism" to the vandalism.

On the way I was pleased to find an amazing fudge shop that almost rivaled the homemade creations of Bathurst's 'a few splinters', a neat vintage toy and model train museum and a camera store that had Polaroid 600 (www.the-impossible-project) film which has been impossible to get for the past 4 years (I wont mention that it was almost 30 bucks for 8 shots.. heh)

At night, my housemate Mariangela and I journeyed to a bar on London Road to see a band called the Nordic Giants. They were this theatrical compilation of feathers, live video, strobe lights and smoke machines.. very over the top and interesting. It was totally original and weird.

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