Monday, July 18, 2011

In the Lanes

Today is a Monday which I felt would be a great day to start looking for a job. I set out early this morning for the job center but got quite lost and ended up walking through what I now know are the north lanes of Brighton. Its this big mess of pedestrian streets with shopping and restaurants.

My favorite was this cute little store called Alice Dreams which of course had all things Alice in Wonderland! 

Thankfully, before I spent my entire savings on clothes (everything is 'on sale'..) it started to rain like it tends to do every single day here. So I ducked in a gelato shop which I guess is sort of like frozen yogurt but with vodka:P I enjoyed my 'cosmopolitan' while waiting for the rain to cease.

I still don't even have an idea of a job... but I found a really nice dress at urban outfitters for more than half price :D

Tomorrow I'll be going on my first out of town adventure to the big city of London!!

1 comment:

  1. gelato is frozen yogurt with vodka?
    those streets look like so much fun!
    ps. are you moving to london, or trying to find a job in brighton?