Saturday, July 16, 2011

Brighton Firsts

Yesterday I arrived to my temporary home of Brighton, England. After knocking on a few wrong doors (town houses all look alike) I found the house that I'm now living in. It's a really cute room with a (sort of) view of the ocean! The city itself is really lovely with cobblestone roads, brick houses and lots of trees and parks and of course, it's right on the beach!

A little view of my bedroom.. Im not exactly finished setting up.. but my dolphin has already made himself at home:)

Last night I went out with a fellow Canadian Swapper and had my first legal drink (legal age here is 18!). 


  1. your room looks SO cute! is that a fireplace?!
    also... brighton! so jealous, it's so gorgeous!
    make the most of it!

  2. It is a fireplace! But it doesnt work:P