Monday, July 11, 2011

Bittersweet Symphony

Two more days until I officially hit the road, Jack. Im almost finished packing.. this suitcase now holds my entire wardrobe (save borrowed items which can be picked up within the next 48 hours!).
Here are also a few essential items for my travels that happen to be laying around waiting to be packed..  a guidebook of Italy, underwater camera, gravol (god help my uneasy stomach), sunglasses and a UK friendly cellphone which a was given to me by a very nice girl who just finished her own SWAP adventures!
Although I am almost physically ready to take off.. I still feel emotionally attached to this town and the people in it. Nothing will ever be the same as it is right now, these final 2 days.  But in times like these I'll look to the two words I always hold close, 'never yawn'.

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