Thursday, June 30, 2011


Over a year ago, a pamphlet fell into my lap describing a program called SWAP. The Student Work Abroad Program is a Canadian program that lets young people spend up to two years in another country, working and traveling. Now, 14 months later I am packing and getting ready to go on the biggest adventure of my life so far. 

In exactly 2 weeks I will board a plane to London! I will be living and working in the UK for about 7 months (If I don't become completely homesick).

Packing is about the hardest thing in the world.. when you're going on a week long vacation. Try packing everything you could possibly need for over half a year on your own! I know I'll be able to buy things there, but I'd much rather be prepared and save every penny for travelling and sightseeing!

Just a few things I'd love to visit are Postman's park in London, the Kate Moss exhibit in Paris, Rodenharigendag in the Netherlands, Morrison's grave, the Hannah Berry Gallery in London, Las Islas Cies in Galicia, Spain and... soo many others!

I'll do my best to keep this blog up and running the entire time so that you can all enjoy my adventures with me :)

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