Sunday, September 4, 2011


I'm stealing this idea from a fellow travel blogger but I'd like to give a shout out and thank you to all of the amazing and wonderful people that I've met on my travels and who made this trip worth it.

Thank You:
The amazing couple from the plane ride over, I would have been lost without you, you are saints <3
The girls at the Wooden Belly
Joy (special thanks for the mirror!)
 Luke (from audio)
The annoyingly bubbly girl from the London Hostel

Thank you to All!

Tourist 4 Life

I went to London for the last time during this trip with my three Canadian friends. We stayed at a hostel called The Monkeys in the Trees that was very cottage-y and warm.. I recommend! On the first night, Juliet and I went on a search for a good tavern meal and ended up at a beautiful new mall in Westfield. We then crossed theThames to the SWAP/BUNAC Pub Meet. I enjoyed a few glasses of the traditional Pimm's. When the scene got dull, we headed over to a club called Los Locos (next to Shrek!) and danced. On the way home we got desperately lost and when you have three drunk Canadian kids in a city like London, it might as well be an impossible labyrinth. Luckily, we ended up only being about a block from the hostel..

As for site seeing, we checked out the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square (where you are NOT allowed to take pictures), Buckingham palace and Postman's Park(from my favorite movie Closer!), a park dedicated to people who died saving the lives of others. Seeing this last one, made my trip worthwhile.. There's something about the idea of Alice Ayers that gets to me, and I was born on her day of death!
PS: more photos added to 'Photos of England' Page :)

Saturday, September 3, 2011

NB Bound

I'm heading home to Canada on Monday.. not to Montreal as I originally planned (the half-way house for the broken-hearted) but straight to Bathurst to pack my bags. I will then travel south to Fredericton to move into an apartment with Carmine and begin classes at Saint Thomas University starting on Thursday! What a Plan!

The acceptance letter came yesterday.. my amazing Mother decided to give me one more option for the year by sending an application without telling me. At first I thought it was funny and laughed it off as not really an option but after I thought about it (and heard about the scholarship) I decided that I'll go and get the english credits I need for OCAD to get my curatorial degree and eventually my dream job!

It's no surprise to me that once again, my plans have changed. My decision in coming to live in England, although  quite prolonged, was never a well thought out plan. I can't say that this is either, since the option only came to me less than 24 hours ago.. but I'm going with my gut. It may be stupid but it feels right. I'm following my heart and I'm accepting that sometimes fate, of God, has different plans and you just have to see what happens.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Italian Education of Fromages

Im trying to catch up a bit since I've been internetless for some time now and lacking on the blog posts:( So I'll be brief!

Last week my awesome housemate, Mariangela and I cooked dinner, Italian style, since she comes from Pisa (where the tower leans). For those who know me, you know, it's extremely rare to see me with a pan, spatula or oven mit in my hand..(and when you do it doesnt usually end well!) We cooked mushrooms, made salad with Italian cheese and an appetizer of Pears, Brie and Goat Cheese. Strange but surprisingly yummy:)

music is my british boyfriend

Two weeks ago I met up with 3 lovely Canadians called Juliet, Matt and Eric. We met at a CSS show at Digital club in Brighton. If you don't know CSS it's okay, neither did I. But I'm glad I do now.. they were insane. The lead singer is like the wild sex-in-boyish-leather Joan Jett of our generation. I recognized one song that made me go ohhhh! I'm sure you'll know it...

Friday, August 19, 2011

600 Kissing Giants

Yesterday was a quite successful day as far as British days go. I spent the morning and afternoon wandering around the North Laines. My main mission was to find the graffiti style work of the mysterious Banksy whom I spoke about last December in my pop culture blog. This particular one is called Kissing Coppers and lives underneath the Brighton Train Station and is encased in glass against "vandalism" to the vandalism.

On the way I was pleased to find an amazing fudge shop that almost rivaled the homemade creations of Bathurst's 'a few splinters', a neat vintage toy and model train museum and a camera store that had Polaroid 600 (www.the-impossible-project) film which has been impossible to get for the past 4 years (I wont mention that it was almost 30 bucks for 8 shots.. heh)

At night, my housemate Mariangela and I journeyed to a bar on London Road to see a band called the Nordic Giants. They were this theatrical compilation of feathers, live video, strobe lights and smoke machines.. very over the top and interesting. It was totally original and weird.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Rabbit Hole

Tonight, I put aside all of my wallowing, homesickness and heart-brokenness for a minute to be grateful for what I am doing here in my life. During the walk home from a lovely dinner at Wagamamas restaurant with new friends, I contemplated for a moment the vastness of my life and tiny moment of it in which I live. All around me the world is going up in flames.. families are being broken, people are dying just an hour away in violent riots and tragedies continue to go on in our own backyards (or gardens I guess). But here I am, safe in this tiny seaside corner of the world, hidden from violence and divorce and rehab and death and reality. For the first time, I didn't think about being home but being here and never leaving.